CBD Use for Burns Can Really Soothe Your Skin

CBD Use for Burns Can Really Soothe Your Skin

While cooking or any other work, where fire is involved, burns can be a very common thing to occur, and such burns can be minor injury, but sometimes it can be life-threatening too.

Burn injuries are categorized into following 3 types:

  • First-degree:

When the burn injuries are fewer, then it is considered as first degree burn injury. In this type, skin will get red, you may feel pain to touch the area affected and there can be mild swelling.

Just by applying wet compress and by covering your wound area with clean cloth you can treat it within few days.

  • Second-degree:

Here in this type of burn, your 2 top skin layers will be affected and few symptoms like severe pain, blisters, and loss of skin can be seen.

You can treat by immersing the affected area in cold water, elevating the affected areas and ensuring not to break the blisters.

  • Third-degree:

Third degree burns are most severe type and here the burn injury will penetrate the skin thickness and destroys tissue. In case of third degree burn injuries, immediate medical attention will be needed as third-degree burns are always fatal.

Natural and best way to treat any cooking and other kind of first or second-degree burns can be by applying CBD oil skin care to the burns.

CBD oil is extracted out of cannabis-based hemp plant which is well known due to number of therapeutic and medicinal properties.

When CBD goes into our body then it will interact with various natural cannabinoid receptors that are present in our endocannabinoid system and help in relieving different health-related issues.

When CBD will be applied topically to our burn, it will not only provide relief to the pain or any other symptoms but can also prevent the spread of infection to much deeper layers of our skin.

Try any ozonated type CBD skin-issue resolver

Your first-aid box for any burns or other major household injuries must contain ozonated CBD skin-issue resolver.

This a cream is mixed with coconut oil that can effectively fight against any skin related issues such as burns, wounds, cuts, acne, fungus, eczema and many more.  It is also quite safe for any pregnant women, youth, or even pets.

Following are few benefits of this kind of ozonated CBD skin-cream for treatment of burn injuries:

  • Relieves pain or swelling

This ozonated CBD cream will be much better alternative to other medications that are generally prescribed by doctors due to their analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Simply applying this topical cream on the burn areas can provide soothing relief for such injuries.

  • Fights bacteria

Due to the presence of ozone, this topical can protect our body from different skin issues if used topically or even intravenously. Ozone will also be effective to reduce scars that may occur after burn gets healed.

Also, the CBD and coconut oil will act as powerful antibiotic and prevent bacteria to spread the infection.

  • Helps to sleep

With second degree burn injuries, it is very difficult to get proper relaxed night sleep. Applying this cream to the burns will provide calming effect and help you to get relaxed and peaceful night sleep.


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