CBD Oil for Senior and Disabled Dogs – The Best Solution for Mobility Issues in Pets

CBD Oil for Senior and Disabled Dogs – The Best Solution for Mobility Issues in Pets

You must have heard about use of CBD oil for pets with any kind of physical conditions. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil, is extracted from the natural hemp plant and is recognized as the most beneficial medicine for humans as well as pets, due to its healing properties.

Recently, the use of CBD oil products has become quite popular among the senior dogs and mobility-impaired ones. In this article, you will be able to understand how CBD works and what kind of health benefits it offers for your beloved pets.

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How CBD Oil Increases Mobility in Senior and Disabled Dogs

  • What is CBD oil?

It is extracted from a special strain of cannabis called hemp. Hemp contains less than 3% of THC and is safe for the dogs. Thus, it doesn’t harm them in any way.

Just like every mammal, your dog also produces endocannabinoids. It has such an ability to receive and respond to hemp oil cannabinoids induced through supplements, food, and topical application on the skin.

  • Does CBD oil help your disabled or senior dog?

Surely, under a veterinarian’s supervision, CBD oil plays a vital role for canine suffering from chronic conditions like arthritis. It also helps with other issues like inflammation, pain, and mobility.

  • Pain Management

CBD supplement works effectively in reducing pain naturally, without any side effects. Thereby, increases the quality of life for your aged or disabled dogs suffering from injury, surgery, disease, and more.

  • Inflammation

CBD, when given, releases anti-inflammatory properties in your pet’s body to fight against diseases like Osteoarthritis.

  • Reduces medications to pain

If you want to avoid long term side effects caused by general medications such as opioids and NSAIDS, then choosing CBD oil is the best option.

  • Mobility

As your pets age, they show disinterest in daily activities like swimming and walking. Thus, by introducing CBD oil in their daily diet, you’ll see drastic change in them. They’ll me more active and in good mood.

  • Meet the Veterinarian

A good veterinarian will recommend the right dosage for your pets. Thus, it is better that you consult a vet before administering CBD oil to your furry friends. It is also suggested that you avoid giving grapefruits and maintain proper dosage time.

  • Find quality CBD oil

As demand is higher than supply, try to avoid inorganic and low-quality products. Ensure that your CBD oil is tested in labs and it is prepared only for dogs.

Try to bring happiness to your pet’s life without wasting much money or keeping your dog’s health at risk. Use top quality CBD oil with proper dosage to avoid any complications.


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